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Timber Production

Daibo Forexim owns two MEBOR 1200 Professiona horizontal sawmills with a high capacity for the processing of logs which come equipped with MEBOR VR 900 circular band saws with mobile cloth made specifically for the seaming of the timber and the pendulum.

The production is around 80% focused on the processing of the OAK TREE logs. Timber from this wood is used specifically in the furniture industry and the production of floors and parquetry. Since the oak tree is a very resistant type of wood it is also used in constructions for rustic looking buildings which is why we sometimes produce bigger elements (beams) for houses, bridges etc.

Depending on the need for our services on the market, our company can also produce timber from Linden, Beech or Ash trees. These types of timber are often used in the furniture industry and are usually exported throughout Europe, but we also export to Asia every now and then.